Cylindrical Drip tubing is used in the delivery of water directly to the roots of plants. Specifically, drip tubing is made from polyethylene and has emitters that are placed at intervals along the tube that correspond with the placement of each plant. This ensures that water is delivered directly to each plant's root zone. Irrigating in this manner is not only very precise and efficient, but it also conserves water because of the low flow-rate that is required.

Flat Drip is used by market gardeners and other commercial growers for main supply lines, submains, headers and manifolds. The advantages of flat tubing are:

  • Easy to ship and store
  • Inexpensive compared to rigid tubing
  • Lightweight and easy to move to a new location

Die Head connected with Insertion unit, Jockey & Vacuum Tank
Vac tank
Perforation Unit
Insertion unit
Application :
LDPE DRIP LINES Productivity Range of Different Models Pipe Diameter Range (OD)
CYLINDRICAL DRIP 100 kg/hr to 180kg/hr 12mm to 32mm
FLAT DRIP 140 kg/hr 12mm to 32mm
finished products