Extrusion Die-Heads


NEPTUNE offers a range of Pipe extrusion die-heads for Polyethylene pipes from 20 mm to 400 mm.The NEPTUNE, 3 Layer A-B-A Die – Head for pipes offers an innovative die-head technology and design helping you achieve an economical solution to produce good quality pipes.  The 3 LAYER Die-Head allows you to utilize good quality recycled material up to 80% in your pipes produced, saving you raw material while maintaining the quality and integrity of your pipes.By Good quality we mean, the Melt Flow index( MFI) & the density of the raw material should match the virgin ensuring uniform and homogenous mixing.

The NEPTUNE 3 Layer Pipe Extrusion Die-Head can be configured in the production of single, double, or 3 layer pipes.You can upgrade to a new extrusion line or add this to your existing pipe production lines.With the existing pipes, the addition comes with the die head and a B layer extruder with smaller rated output which ultimately helps you to increase your output from the same extrusion line Product colouring and visual identification is also an added benefit by having the capability to coat the thin outer section of pipe with a specific coloured outer layer.The 3 layer DIE HEAD is capable of producing single, double or 3 layer pipe, as well as operate in A-B-A or A-B-C configuration (with or without stripes respectively).

Extrusion Die-Heads:

3 Layer Die-Head

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