HDPE is one of the major used material as far as pipe is concerned because of it's high impact Strength, good chemical resistance, good thermal stability and excellent low temperature toughness. Growth area is expected to be in the field of high strength pipe applications & cross-linked pipe for high temperature & high-pressure applications.

Jockey Extruder & Die Head​
Vacuum Tank​
Spray Tank​
Haul Off​
Circular Saw​
Tripping Chute​
Application :
HDPE PIPE LINES Productivity Range of Different Models Pipe Diameter Range (OD)
HDPE Pipe - MONOLAYER 100 kg/hr to 700 kg/hr 20mm to 630mm
HDPE Pipe - MULTILAYER (2 Layer)) 100 kg/hr to 200kg/hr 20mm to 200mm
HDPE Pipe - MULTILAYER (3 Layer) 180 kg/hr 20mm to 110mm
finished products :
For irrigation
Water Supply
HDPE Gas pipe