There are many possible combinations of Ducts in Duct. Sheathing are available from 2 Way to 24 way in different shapes.

Sheathing Pay Off​
Extruder & Die Head 2​
IEEC Panel​
Duct Drums​
Sheathing Die Head​
Micro Duct Moving Towards Die Head For Sheathing​
Bunch Got Into Die Head​
Sheathed Pipe Coming Out Of Hauloff​
Application :
MICRODUCT & SHEATHING PIPE LINES Productivity Range of Different Models Pipe Diameter Range (OD)
HDPE Pipe MULTILAYER (Micro Duct) 50 kg/hr to 220kg/hr 5mm to 14mm
SHEATHING 200 kg/hr 1 Duct to 7 Ducts 5mm to 12mm Each
Finished products :