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The latest innovation in irrigation technology ( DRIP and HDPE pipes ) is three layer pipes. These irrigation pipes are manufactured using a special 3 layer crosshead which extrudes an inner and outer layer separated by a core of different material. 

The advantages of 3 layer pipes are cost savings and versatility

  1. Three layer pipes can meet the technical standards of a high quality polymer single layer pipe with less cost by using an inexpensive core material. 
  2. Three-layer pipe also provides greater versatility by allowing selection of layer materials to meet environmental and fluid handling challenges.

When manufacturing pipes for irrigation systems and water supply, a key consideration is how to keep your costs down while still producing a product that customers perceive as high quality.


One major cost is the material cost of the polymer used in making the pipe. Using a three layer crosshead allows you to use an inexpensive reground polymer for the core of the pipe (about 80% of the material) and thus cut material costs significantly while still maintaining quality. The remaining portion of the pipe, the 10% of the outside and the 10% of the inside ring, are made from a higher quality virgin material.


Pipe Diameter Pipe Layer Output Options
20-110 20-63mm 150 kg/hr
20-110mm 300 kg/hr, 500 kg/hr
63-250mm 63-250mm 500 kg/hr

If you’re considering upgrading your plant’s pipe extrusion process, consider three-layer technology for your pipes. NEPTUNE supplies pipe extrusion machines that can be customized to meet your specific needs.




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