Count Pipes from photos


  1. Counting of pipes by clicking a photo from the mobile device / using a photo from the gallery.

100% accuracy for counting single pipes, 

Option to include / exclude and select the area of counting, 

Manual provision to add/ delete pipes on the image. 

  1. Saving the counting results and option of adding the following fields on the image: 
  1. Supervisor Name:
  2. Trolley number:
  3. Shift no.:
  4. Type of Pipe:
  5. Machine no. 
  6. Date and time 


  1. Storage of data on the cloud on Google drive or One drive or Drop box 
  2. Date wise/ Month wise/ Year size storage of raw files as input and counted result files as output
  3. Generation of Excel sheet with link to track the results day wise 
  4. Real time storage of data on the cloud.
  5. Provision to count conduit pipes bundles with shrink wrapping on one side. 
  6. Template for Pipes in pipes ( in process of development and accuracy)

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