In-Motion Check Weigher

In-motion check weighing helps prevent underweight product from being shipped and minimizes the risk of costly overfill. 

Dynamic weighing solutions help enhance productivity and profitability for manufacturers in the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and other non-food industries.


  • Continuous weight monitoring of every box in motion, 
  • Display the weight of the product at site
  • Push the data to the server
  • Prepare MIS reports on REAL TIME BASIS for top management.
  • Measure multiple SKU in the same machine thus reducing our CAPEX
  • Talk of an accuracy of 0.05 %
  • Measure up to 25 pieces/boxes per minute
  • Print QR code for trackabilityInput Conveyor : feeding conveyor for the smart machine
  • Measurement Units : measures weight without stopping the CBBs
  • IOT integrator: connected through Wi-Fi, the machine logs data to computer.
  • Centralized Software : for calibration, data logging & trend analysis
  • Mobile App: for Sr. Management providing production stats on real time.
  • Analytical Reports: reports on daily production, charts for trends analysis.
  • Auto Calibration: Considering variation in gross weight due to line weight and
  • CBBs tare weight, Set average value and lower limit will be auto changed through auto self calibration.

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