The OPVC pipe is a pipe produced by the bidirectional orientation and stretching process. 

The raw material formulation of the pipe is basically the same as that of the ordinary PVC-U pipe. The performance of the pipe produced by this process is greatly improved compared to PVC-U pipe, the impact resistance of the pipe is improved by about 4 times, the toughness is maintained at minus -20 degree C, and the wall thickness of PVC-U pipe is reduced by half under the same pressure. About 47% of the raw material is saved, and a thinner wall thickness means that the pipes water conveying capacity is stronger, the pipes are lighter and more convenient to install, and the transportation cost is lower.


Pipe Diameter Type Output
110-250mm Online with socketing 250-260 kg/hr
110-400mm Online with socketing 500-520 kg/hr


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